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Valley of Flowers

Travelling is the best therapy for anyone who loves to explore new places and helps regain the peace that we generally loose in our day to day busy schedule.

The motive of Palampur Bikers Club (PBC) gang is just the same; to explore new places and relive the life their own way.The trip was organized jointly by Palampur Bikers Club and Wild Shore Adventures.

This time we all were set to explore the nature’s beautiful creation “Valley of flowers” situated approximately 500 Kms from Delhi in the state of Uttrkhand.

Here I am sharing with you my experiences on this amazing trip to a place which was not less than heaven.

Day 1 & Day 2: 11-12 Aug 2015

As per the scheduled plan, the group started from Delhi in the midnight on 11 August, 2015. Our first target was to reach Dehradun from where another group of 10 people were set to join us for the upcoming adventure. We all were fully excited and loaded with joy for the event. It was an amazing drive that day as it was Shivratri the following morning and the “Kavadiyas” were in full zeal, lost in Lord Shiva’s worship. The journey till Dehradun was covered happily cracking jokes and seeing the beauty on the way through Ponta Sahib. The way through Ponta Sahib is extremely beautiful covered with lush green trees on both sides of the road. The air was so fresh that led to the relaxation of my mind. At around 9:00 AM in morning both the groups met at Bayasi (few kms ahead of Rishikesh) We had an amazing breakfast and started for Govindghat, the place from where our trek to the heavenly “VOF” starts. We reached there having fun filled breaks, enjoying at the Jogi Waterfall, making videos of the nature’s mesmerizing scenery which holds everyone’s breadth at one moment.

And we were about to reach Govidghat we encountered a landslide, the first ever landslide of my life, I know it sounds weird but it was exciting to see that and more exciting to cross it with help of Police officials. It was fun crossing it but at the same time risky as well, but again excited to see this all as it was the real adventure getting out of such a big pile of boulders on the road. The giant hills on one side and flowing water at the base was flowing with a tremendous speed and rocks blocking the road, all in one making a thrilling experience for all of us.

Well, there were many thrills that we encountered on this trip, this was just the beginning of many things which were about to come in following days.

We crossed the landslide zone and got a lift till govindghat and settled in the hotel. The evening was followed with some more gossip sessions followed by simple dinner. We all were excited as the next morning will be filled with a package of 14 Kms, yes 14 kms in a day to reach Ghangaria. The route for Hemkund Sahib and Valley of Flowers is same till Ghangharia and then bifurcates in two different directions. Hemkund is 7 kms and Valley of Flowers is 6 kms from Ghangharia.

Story By: Aakanksha Sandhu (Member Palampur Bikers Club)

Valley Of Flowers – Uttrakhand

The Valley of Flowers or more popularly known as VOF in short is a high-altitude Himalayan valley located in Chamoli district of Uttrakhand , India.As the name suggests , the valley is renowned for it’s vivid variety of colorful flowers located in the vast span of over 80 kms.The valley was declared a national park in 1982 and is in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2004.

Brief Itinerary:

12th August – Wednesday – Day 1
Delhi – Rishikesh – Govindghat (500 kms road)

We start our journey from Delhi around midnight on 11th August and plan to reach Govindghat before sundown around 18:00 hrs on 12th August.

13th August – Thursday – Day 2
Govindghat to Ghangharia (14 kms Trek – 8/10 hrs)

14th August – Friday – Day 3
Ghangharia to Valley of Flowers and back to Ghangharia. (12 kms – 8/10 hrs)

15th August – Saturday – Day 4
Ghangharia to Govindghat (14 kms Trek – 8/10 hrs)

16th August – Sunday – Day 5
Govindghat – Rishikesh – Delhi (500 kms road)

We start our return journey from Govindghat around 06:00 AM and plan to reach Delhi by 21:00 hrs.

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