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Beedni Bugyal (Uttrakhand , India)


The hunt to trek to a snowed out place started somewhere in Feb we (me) and my buddy (Mohit) knew that we will have an extended weekend coming out during Holi weekend (27th March).

So we had 28 march to 1 April (5 days) but unfortunately due to some leave issues 1 day was cut short. So now we will start on 29th and we have only 4 days from Delhi to Delhi.

The 1st choice was Madhmaleshwar – after enquiring we were told we can’t do that as kapats will be closed and we will not be allowed to go.

2nd came Kuari Pass – Again permission issues and we were not sure if we can do it in that short time period.

3rd was Beedni Bugyaal – Initial enquiry news from village WAN (trek to Beedni starts from WAN) was not so convincing. Padam Singh Bisth our contact in village WAN on 18th March that it’s is not possible to do Beedni by the dates we were planning. We hoped against hope and checked for present conditions on 25th March. The news was not very encouraging as Padam singh again said that no-one has gone to Beedni this year and he is not sure if we will be able to make it to the bugyaal due to heavy snow this season. We had no choice but to take a 50-50 chance ; and we thought whatever we will see how far we can go. First problem resolved , so we were sure now that we are going to Beedni Bugyaal.

Beedni Bugyaal in Google MapsBeedni-Google-Maps


Second big question was which route to take –

  • Delhi – Almora – Tharali – Lohajung


  • Delhi – Rishikesh – Karanprayag – Tharali – Lohajung

There is not much of a difference as both will differ only by 10-15 kms at the most.

So this is what we decided lets enter from Almora and exit from Rishikesh. This way will not have to see the same road twice and will have something new to see during return journey.

The Route we followed while Going Route

Bedni Bugyal (Uttrakhand , India)

Bedni Bugyal is a Himalayan Alpine meadow, situated at an elevation of 3,354 mtrs in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand state of India. Bedni Bugyal falls on the way to popular trek route of Roopkund (The Skeleton Lake) . Trisul and Nanda Ghunti are clearly visible from here. This lush green meadow is adorned with blooms in a wide range of varieties. There is a small lake named Bedini Kund, situated amidst the meadow. Bedni Kund is a beautiful pond in the middle of the grass land, and normally filled by the rain water. It is believed to be a place, where The Great Sage, Maharishi Ved Vyas compiled the four Vedas of Hindu Mythology. At least, local people have a strong belief on this. Also, some people believed that Goddess Durga in her Kali Avatar killed all the demons here. Two small stone temples are also there near Bedni Kund and considered very sacred among the local people.

Bedni is also an important stop of Nanda Raj Jaat Yatra, a religious journey, that performed by the thousands of devotees of Garhwal and Kumaon region in every 12 years. It is believed that Nanda Devi (Goddess Parvati) normally used this route to travel from her parents’ home to Kailash Mountain, where she resided with the Lord Shiva. In the context of goddess’ journey, local people celebrate a week-long festival and performed a similar journey, once in every 12 years, from Nauti village near Karnprayag to the heights of Roopkund and beyond that to Homekund with a four horned sheep decorated with ornament and other offerings. Most people take part in this journey from Wan Village to Bedni Bugyal.

Bedni Bugyal Map



Trek kms
12 kms One way


Ideal Season
Mid June – October (If you want to see snow covered Bedni Bugyal then April 1st week is ideal)

3354 mtrs

Number of Days (Delhi to Delhi)
Minimum 4 Days

Route Map

Beedni-Road Map


How to get there:

By Air:The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, almost 320 Kms from village WAN. You will find taxis and cars in the Jolly Grant Airport which you can hire.

By Train:From Delhi take the Ranikhet Express (5014) Dep. Delhi at 10:40pm arrival Kathgodam at 5:30am (Overnight Journey) or the Uttar sampark kranti (5035) Dep. Delhi at 4:00pm arrival Kathgodam at 10:40pm (6 hrs.40min.Journey)

From Dehardun take the Doon Express (4120) Dep. Dehardun at 10:30 pm arrival Kathgodam at 7:10 pm (8hrs.journey)
By Bus:Regular buses ply from ISBT Delhi Anand Vihar station to Kathgodam. Buses that go to Nainital stops at Haldwani which is a twin town of Kathgodham (8 hrs. journey)

By Road Self-drive / Taxi from Delhi :

Route 1 – Delhi – Moradabad – Bajpur – Kaladhungi – Nainitaal – Almora – Kausani – Gwaldam – Tharali – Lohajung – WAN (515 kms)

Route 2 – Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh – Devprayag – Rudraprayag – Karanprayag – Tharali – Lohajung – WAN (510 Kms)