Chakrata – Hatkoti (Uttrakhand, Himachal, India)


It’s not often that one fine day in office you learn that there is an extended weekend is coming soon.Quick check on calendar and and it looks like we have an small window of opportunity to head towards mountains on some lesser known places.

First the maps are pulled out , it’s more often that I pull Uttrakhand and Himachal maps first ; i guess being Himachali , the love for the mountains is too strong to resist.Also , since these are much closer to Delhi (where i currently live) it’s easier to accommodate more places in less days.Discussions with my friend Mohit and looking at the probable places we finally decided on taking an un-usual route to reach Chansal Valley in Himachal via Dehradun.

With only limited days at hand we also knew that we might not be able to explore much in Chansal valley but agreed anyways to head towards it and see till where we can reach and come back on time.So that’s how it was decided that will go to Chakrata and reach Hatkoti via Kanasar and Tiunni route.Lets explore and find out what do we have in store in this little known route.

We  just looked at the route on map and were eager to go , we had no idea how was the road or what lies ahead.The jittery feeling of venturing into the unknown is what i like the most about such journeys.The plan was simple , me and Mohit will start from Delhi and reach Dehradun (Mohit’s home) and start the onward journey in Mohit’s car from there.

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