Day 2 – 7th May 2015
We woke up early around 0530 hours and got ready. At 06:15 hours Bhattji fixed our little meeting with Shiv Singh Panwar who has a lodge at Bantoli and also used carry daily need products over mules for further villages. He agreed to assist us for the trek in return asked us to stay at his lodge. We had to stay somewhere so why not at his lodge. It was quite a fair deal so we agreed. At 07:00 hours we had our morning tea and started our trek. It was quite an easy trek except for 2-3 stretches the rest of it was either straight or slope with few fresh water streams and Madhu Ganga flowing at our right side.

Ransi Village in background
Madhu Ganga
We passed Gaundar village which was 7 kms from Ransi at around 10:30 hours Panwar ji told us that we still had 1 kms to cover till Bantoli. Now hunger strikes again so we paced up our speed and reached our destination Bantoli at 11:00 hours. We ordered Maggi with tea and by the time we finished it was just 1200 hours with whole day left. We had no idea what to do so we called Panwar ji and asked him what are the places we can visit here. He told us there is a Sangam at Bantoli. Streams from Mandini Mountain named Morghunta and Chaukhamba Mountain named Morkhanda merge here and form Madhu Ganga which further joins Mandakini near Ukhimath. It was a hot day so walk through river banks and bath in ice cold water seemed quite fun. We put our rucksacks at room took towels and clothes and moved towards Morghunta.
Morghunta River coming from Mandini Mountain
We walked through it and also took bath and a little photography session. When we looked at our watch it was 1430 hours damn time just sprinted like a horse. We had spent enough time here so we decided to head back to our lodge where our lunch was ready and Panwar ji was out in our search. We came back and finished our lunch and soon Panwar ji was also back , he had been searching for us in other river bank. After finishing our lunch we went to bed and had an afternoon nap. At around 16:30 hours we woke up and decided to go into the woods of Morkhanda (coming from Chaukhamba) banks. The whole environment was serene complete peace, cold breeze with the roar of river while making its way. At 19:00 hours we head back to our lodge and had dinner at 20:00 hours. We were all set for tight nap as we have to wake up early in the morning.
Woods near river bank
Morkhanda River coming from Chaukhamba Mountain
Shepherd Huts at Bantoli
Shepherd Huts at Bantoli

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