DAY 4 – 9th MAY 2015
We woke up early in the morning at 0300 hours and got ready to move at 0400 hours as we were planning to reach Ransi before 0700 hours. It was dark outside, so we took our solar light till its dawn. Today, the trek was not looking that easy as it looked on the first day. At midway, we thought we couldn’t make it to Ransi to catch the second last bus but we didn’t lose hope. We were planning to visit Omkareshwar temple today which is at Ukhimath , so we have to reach there in time. At 0630 hours we had the first glimpse of Ransi ; from there it was just a straight road with village only 1 km ahead. We know it would take 15 minutes maximum to reach there so we put our rucksack down and took rest. After 15 minutes break we again started and reached Ransi at 07:10 hours. There was no bus but got lucky as we got Mahindra maxx (shared cab) as this was the only mode of transportation except buses here. We booked two seats and in no time rest of the seats were full. At 09:30 we were at Ukhimath and reached Omkareshwar temple. In this temple people worship Kedar Baba and Madmaheshwar mahadev during winters (when kapats used to be closed).
Omkareshwar Temple
Omkareshwar Temple
At 10:30 hours we had breakfast near temple. We had almost all day long and we were very tired, so instead of taking rest at Ukhimath and travel on next day to Dehradun we decided to travel on the same day and take rest on Sunday at home. We took a local bus to Rudraprayag and reached there by 13:30 hours. From here we thanked each other for that awesome experience of Madmaheshwar trip. Here on Akhil took the bus for Gopeshwar and I boarded a bus to Dehradun.
Story and Pictures by: Rohit Bahuguna
(Member Palampur Bikers Club)

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