Valley of Flowers

Day 3: 13 Aug 2015

I woke up to the sound of rain and it was kind off heavy in the morning, however as time passed it soon slowed down and we got a wonderful view in front of the hotel. Huge mountains covered in mist and sound of river Alaknanda flowing by was enough to get everyone motivated. We had breakfast around 8 A.M and were all set for the 1st day’s trek.

Ummm…the sound of flowing water and the bird’s chirping is so damn peaceful that I’m unable to express it in words. So finally walking up on the way having ” thudky thudky breaks with thudky thudky energy drink” made the way easy for us all. But i must say one should not carry a heavy baggage with them like i did. hahahahaha.. Yes i did it and after reaching a point i was seriously like “please throw my bag in river, I don’t need it”…heheheehe… a kiddo in me was born with this thought. It would have been damn difficult if Glucose drink would have not been there with me. Climbing up to the straight mountain with no road was so shocking for me and especially with no plain stretches in-between. But someone rightly said that “shauk badi cheez h-ai upar jana to zarur hai” hahahaha

The entire journey throughout 14 Kms of trek was just out of the world. As this was the common way to Hemkund Sahib too, we saw aged pilgrims walking through the tough path, but when God calls you for the darshan nothing can stop you. 5 Kms out of the entire trek was very steep and filled with rocks. We kept on moving ahead having pleasure of the beauty and treasuring it with us forever.

The waterfalls flowing through the way were just amazing, I just can’t express in words, it is something that has to be felt and treasured for lifetime. Crossing the water streams, tough rocks and enjoying the way I reached the “Kanjila” helipad area which is 500 mtrs before Ghangaria. It was so peaceful there; I spent around an hour relaxing and enjoying the Helicopters landing and takeoff in the slight drizzle. Capturing every moment of the journey, I along with my friends walked towards the Hotel in Ghangaria.

Ahh…finally after reaching the hotel, it was only one thing that I could see; The bed…hahahahaaha. Yes the legs were in pain like anything, after a little break we walked down to check out the place and found yummy gulab jamun and kada hua milk. yummmm….what could be better than this after dinner in the cold weather. Then it was time to sleep and relax for the day.

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  1. Very nice description of the trip…I am sure it is an amazing and must vist place for all nature lovers and adventure seekers alike,

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