Valley of Flowers

Day 6: 16th Aug 2015

As I wanted to see the morning “Abhishek Aarti” of the Lord, I got up at 3:00 AM in the morning and got ready for the temple. Along with 2 members of the group, we all headed towards the temple. Thereafter seeing the complete abhishek of the lord, I felt my trip was now completed.

After getting back to the Hotel, we all were set to be back to Delhi but we got the news that there was landslide at 4 places between Badrinath and Joshimath and the first one at “Hanuman Chatti” will take at least an hour to be cleared. So, in the meanwhile we all decided to go to Mana which is just 3 Kms from Badrinath, India’s last village. Again filled with excitement we all started for Mana.

Mana, is amazingly beautiful place. We all visited Bhim Pul laid by Bhim as Pandavas were to cross the river on the way to swargarohini; Vyas Gufa from where Saint Vyas narrated complete Mahabharat to Lord Ganesh residing at Ganesh Gufa down the hill, and most amazingly saw the origin of the Saraswati river and India’s last shop. We had a good time there clicking pictures and making videos.

After capturing all the memories we started again. We crossed the first huddle but a big thrill was waiting for us. There was a terrible landslide at Lambagarh on 16.08.2015, which stopped us from moving ahead. After waiting for 2-3 hours, we decided to park the car before the landslide zone and crossed the landslide zone on foot. But it was really difficult to reach out anywhere leaving the car behind, so 2 people from the group Ranaji and Aman decided to stay back there and we all moved ahead for the journey. It road was in terrible state, the complete road had been washed and the water flowing on the other side made the situation more difficult and dangerous.

So we all walked down to Pandukeshwar, approximately 3 Kms from there and found a cab which dropped us to Joshimath in evening. It was a real adventure that day crossing a huge landslide and reaching out to safe zone. But it always in mind when will Ranaji and Aman be able to cross it.

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  1. Very nice description of the trip…I am sure it is an amazing and must vist place for all nature lovers and adventure seekers alike,

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