Bulls ride to WHITE Spiti

Day2- 19th April 2014

It was bright and sunny when I peeked out of our hotel window; finally some good news that weather is clear today. After a quick tea we loaded the bags and were set for the day around 0800 hrs.

Day 2 Route Map

Good Morning Shimla

Our first unwanted stop was 3, 4 kms before Narkanda, when I noticed some clicking sound coming from rear wheel. Stopped to inspect it, aaaahh the chain was loose. We carried on till Narkanda and hoped to find a mechanic there. After few minutes of ride we were at narkanda.

First view of snow @ Narkanda

First we headed for Himalya Dhaba for breakfast and then we went for bike check-up. The mechanic set to the task and while he fixed the chain he suggested that the chainset is weak and we should consider replacing it. The mechanic also suggested that we can get it replaced @ Rampur. This was the first time I heard that chainset is week for Jr.BB. I and Aditya also inspected the chainset and saw that one of the chainset tooth was not as same as others. Few calls by Aditya to Delhi Royal Enfield mechanic and we concluded that we can carry on without replacing the chainset. This proved to be a bad decision in the coming days as the story unfolds. While we were discussing this , light snowfall started and it suddenly started to get real foggy.

We did not wanted to get stuck so we moved on quickly. As we traversed down towards Kingel the snowfall turned into rain. The problem we had was with the rain gear we were carrying; they were not as good as we would have liked. Since the rain was not heavy and only drizzle we carried on without bothering much about wearing the rain gear. By the time we crossed Rampur we were all wet from top to bottom. We stopped at the outskirts of Rampur and decided that we should wear the rain gear anyways and then continue.As we got rain ready, rain god had other plans. In order to tease us more, the rain stopped. Now we were wet and wearing the rain gear, which was not allowing wet clothes to dry up. Just before the Kinnaur gate we spotted a roadside dhaba and decided to have lunch here. We had one of the best meals in this trip here.The food was good and so was the service and all of this unlimited food for Rs.50. I loved the food so much that I actually went on to inquire about the owner and spoke to him. The dhabha is named Basmati Dhaba and run by Mr Gyan Singh ji from past 18 years. Gyan singh ji even posed for the camera; do cherish on basmati dhaba’s meal and I’m sure you guys will love it.

Basmati Dhaba Owner Gyan Singh Ji

Basmati Dhaba on left just next to the Yellow house

Location wise the Basmati dhaba is located aprox 2 kms before Kinnaur gate on left hand side. Since it’s below road level you might not see it and miss it. It was a 1500 hrs when we resumed our journey. As we entered Kinnour gate , the roads started to deteriorate and after Wangtu there was only gravel mixed with mud.

As we headed in slush the rain gods arrived again , ahhh not at this time , that’s what I said. We had no option but to ride on , we continued in rain on the slush filled road with rain pouring down. We were going at a very slow speed as did not want to risk a fall here in the slush. We reached Tapri around 1800 hrs and stopped for a tea break. While sipping tea we got the news of stones falling ahead on road. The local shopkeeper advised us that we should cross the section while there is still some daylight. We took his advise and resumed our journey quickly.

The bikers with their machines – Tired but not defeated yet
PBC members

The road condition was still the same slush slush and more slush all the way. We crossed the shooting stones section without much drama but there was no respite from rain. It was 1930 when we reached Peo – Puh diversion road. We stopped for a quick break and check all is well with luggage and bikes. After 5 mins resumed our journey towards recong-peo. The section towards peo was more worse , there had been landslide here and combined with steep gradient and slush was making matters worse. Traversing very slowly and carefully we finally reached main market at peo , inquired about the PWD guest house and went on to locate it. Reached at PWD rest house around 2030 hrs and asked the caretaker if we can have a room for night. At first he was surprised to see to guys , all drenched up in mud asking for room. He then asked us to come in and have a talk. After few minutes we were assured of the room and offered the dinner. What could we have asked for more; we had dinner first and believe me it sounded much tastier; given the fact that we had gone thru a very bad stretch of road in dark with rain pouring down. After dinner, unloaded the luggage and slept peacefully.

TB Baby and Jr.BB @ Recong-peo PWD Rest House – Drenched in mud
Our Bikes at Rekong-peo

Rain gods played spoil sport yet again today and many photo opportunities were missed.We could not risk taking out camera in rain. It was yet another hard day 2 ride with very few photo’s. What’s in store for day 3…Tomorrow we will be traversing thru the so called “World’s most treacherous road “
Will there be rain.?..shooting stones.?..landslides.? or all of it.
We will have to wait for story to unfold.

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