Bulls ride to WHITE Spiti

Day 5 – 22nd April 2014
The first task for the day was to find a mechanic to resolve Jr.Black Bull’s chain skip problem. We were lucky to find one in Kaza and he immediately pointed out that the studs on the chainset are all gone and it needs replacement. This came as a shock for me; Jr.Black Bull has traveled only 15k kms and complete service was done 5 days back and there were no issues with chainset. Then we started thinking what has gone wrong; it was the accident and repairs done after that which has caused this. The wheel was not mounted correctly and hence the chain started eating the chainset studs. Add to that, the extreme road conditions and load on Jr.Black Bull has resulted in chainset losing all its studs. Unfortunately, the replacement was not available with the mechanic and we soon found out that the replacement is not available in entire Kaza. TB Baby also needed a front disc pad replacement which was done without much drama.

Day 5 Route Map

We came back to KC Lodge and told the story to Jamaica who was kind enough to reassure that he will make alternate arrangement and we should not waste our time sitting here and explore the rest of places on Aditya’s TB Baby. We already had lost quite a bit of time today hence we decided that to move on in TB Baby and leave Jr.Black Bull at KC lodge. I was not happy at all leaving Jr.Black Bull, but had no option, pushing black bull in this condition would mean that it may damage more of its parts.
The beautiful Road
With heavy heart we moved on explore Kye, Kibber and Tashigang. Sun was shining and weather was good, our first stop was at a small village from where you get a nice view of Kye monastery.
Chortons at Kaza Monastery
We spent some time admiring the village and the surroundings and moved on. We did not visit the monastery as we had planned to see it during our return journey. As we moved ahead we started to gain altitude, the view on the left was mesmerizing.
The Valley view
Kaza Valley View
We could see the entire valley down below and reminded us that we were riding in between all that yesterday. After few minutes we reached the point where road bifurcates towards Tashigang village.
Adi with TB Baby
On the Way to tashijung
We decided to move towards Tashigang first and see till what point we can reach. Within 2 kms we figured out that this is not going to go well. The problem was that road made of loose soil and since there was snow all around, water keeps coming onto road and make it wet. Lose soil mixed with water makes a deadly combination for no traction to wheels. We also spotted a JCB in action couple of switch back up, which confirmed that the entire stretch of road was not open yet. We decided to give up the idea of going to Tashigang and returned back to Kibber.
Kibber Chock
We moved further into the village and crossed over to other side to reach the point where a bridge is under construction for Chicham village.
Kibber Village
Kibber Village
Spent some time here and took multiple pictures of the picturesque chicham village.
At Chicham Bridge
Chicham Village
We were getting hungry hence moved back to Kibber in search of food and tea. We found one open restaurant but they too were serving only tea. With no other options both of us had to be content with tea for now.
Farmer on his daily routine
Farmer at Kibber
We moved on towards Kye monetary. Since both of us were now on one motorcycle this gave me an opportunity to shoot some videos as well. Soon we were at Kye monastery.
Kye Monastery
Kye Monestery long shot
The lama was polite as ever to show us around and also offered Kava (a kind of tea – must have if you visit this place) to drink.
Adi with TB Baby
Adi at Kye monestery
Kye Monastery closer view
Kye Monestery
We roamed around and even went to the rooftop to get some wonderful views around of the valley.
From the rooftop of Kye Monestery
Rooftop view Kye Monestery
Kava at Kye Monestery
The valley view
Kaza valley
While sun was going down for the day, we moved back to the comforts of KC lodge in Kaza. Jamaica meanwhile has spoken to a dozen people in Kaza to get us a chainset and one of the local guys have promised to lend us a second hand chainset by tomorrow morning. The news of getting the chainset lifted my mood for rest of the evening. The evening was spent in KC lodge with our new friends Vikas and Priyanka and our host Jamaica. The gossip sessions coupled with a walk in middle of night to the river side when temperatures was way below Zero lasted till wee hours of morning. All of us had a great time talking about anything and everything and singing songs.

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