Bulls ride to WHITE Spiti

Day 6 – 23rd April 2014
The day begins with inquiries of the guy who has promised to give me the chainset. Jamaica was trying to reach this guy over his phone but he was nowhere to be found. The remote possibilities of getting the chainset were now bleak as this local guy was not responding to Jamaica’s calls. We had our breakfast and discussed what should be done. Jamaica advised that we should explore Komic and Langza while he will try and arrange the chainset. Since there was no point sitting idle at the lodge we decided to visit Komic and Langza.
Day 6 Route Map

It was almost noon when we finally started our journey towards Komic. The narrow winding road is metaled for few kms, after that the non-metaled loose gravel road starts.
And we met these cute Blue sheep
Blue Sheep
The road is cut thru the mountain which is entirely made up of loose stones. With a certain gush of wind the small stones will race towards you like heat seeking missiles. We have to be extra careful here as it was quite windy while we were crossing this section. The marks of these shooting missiles were seen all over the road and you have to dodge them like you do while playing a video game.
Adi negotiating the slush
As we moved on towards Komic there were few sections with cemented roads, Adi just flew TB Baby on one of these cemented sections as these sections will just finish without any warning. There were certain sections where we encountered lot of slush and one of us had to constantly keep pushing the bike.
Road to Komic
Road to Komic
With some luck and struggle we first arrived at Hikkim village, en-route to Komic. There are some really interesting facts about this sky village Hikkim.
Hikkim Village
Hikkim holds 2 world records; One for having the highest Post Office in the world at an altitude of 4440 mtrs (pin code 172114), it also holds record for being the highest polling station in world and is recorded in Limca book of records.
A million Dollar view of Spiti Valley
Kaza Valley
You have to actually get here to believe that. It’s such a tiny little village with some exceptional views all around. We were really fortunate to reach here in this season as everything was covered under thick layer of white snow. I could sit there for hours and days and just stare at the surroundings.
After being mesmerized by the beauty of Hikkim we moved on and reached Komic in another 15 -20 mins. Komic literally means “The Eye of Snow cock” When you reach here you get an outstanding view of high Himalyan peaks and you understand that in fact Komic looks like an eye of a snow cock.
Komic – The Highest Motorable Village in World
As we parked our bike in front of monastery; people there looked surprised to see us on a bike. Soon we learned from the Lamas that we were the first bikers in year 2014 to reach Komic. Komic also holds the world record for being the highest motor able village at an altitude of 4513 mtrs and has one of the world’s highest monasteries called “Komic Lundup Chhemo”.
Komic Monestery
Komic Monestery
Jamaica had arranged our lunch at Komic in the monastery when he was there accompanying another client; thoughtful of him as there is no place to eat at Komic at this time of year and neither is there any mobile connectivity to pass the information, Jamaica has asked lamas in the monastery yesterday to prepare lunch for 2 of us.
As we were about to go inside the kitchen room I spotted something peeping behind the wall. It looked and moved like a small snow leopard and vanished within a blink of an eye. Komic is known to have snow leopards around and it was the moment of truth for us. I quickly changed my lens to telephoto zoom (55-250) and went on to find this small little chap. After some anxious moments, I was able to spot him again and took multiple pictures. Me and the little chap played hide and seek for more than 30 mins. While doing so i captured more than 50 pics of this little chap. But soon the story came to the end when the un-thinkable happened, the little chap looked right at me opened its mouth and made a sound, a very familiar sound, the sound of a cat. I could not believe what I heard the first time so I just sat there and kept watching in surprise. The little chap then made the same sound multiple times as if to convince me that I’ve been fooled. And so the suspense was over, the little chap was a cat and not a snow leopard. Ahhhh…..even today when I look at all those pictures, I wish it had been a snow leopard. Anyways, I got some beautiful shots of this little guy and asked lot of other people before telling them that it is not what they think it is. Have a look at this little chap and decide yourself…?
The little chap
After running around to get a good pic we came back to have our much needed lunch. The lamas welcomed us into the kitchen and we had a good lunch with them.
In kitchen with lamas
Post lunch it was time to move back towards kaza and reach the diversion point of the road to langza. Ideally you can go directly from Komic to Langza but since it was too early in the season hence the direct link road was to open yet. Slowly we moved on reached a point where you are almost at the edge of 90 Degrees cliff and see Kaza down below. We got some interesting pictures from here.
Bull and Me looking down at Kaza
Palampur Bikers Club Extreme ride to Spiti Valley , Himachal.
It was almost 4 P.M when we reached the bifurcation road to Langza village, sat for some time thinking whether we should go or not. The minds said why go so late in snow covered road and the heart said why not? Eventually the heart won over mind (it does most of the times for us) and we went ahead to see another sky village called Langza.
The Diversion
The road was ok , but the scenery was just mind blowing. The entire valley was full of snow and the only brown area was the road cleared of snow.
Blue sheep on the way to Langza
Blue Sheep
We had to be careful as there were sections with heavy slush. After riding for about 30 mins we finally reached the Langza village.
Langza Village
Langza Village
We could see the the Buddha idol on the other side of the village and there were few villagers working in the fields. We did not have much time in hand hence clicked few pictures from the spot and decided to head back.
At Langza
Buddha at Langza
Buddha Idol at Langza

Langza Kaza Ride Video

It was almost dark when we reached back at our guest house. There was no news of chainset and chances were getting weaker with each passing hr. It was time to finally make some decisions and the kind of situation we were in we had to make hard decisions. Me and Adi decided that on two plans :
Plan 1>If by tomorrow 11:00 hrs if we get chainset for Jr.Black Bull, we will go together to puh and all goes as per plan.
Plan 2> Adi will have to ride alone till Rampur. Since Kaza to Rampur is a long run in that terrain, Adi will have night halt at Puh and reach Rampur day after tomorrow. Adi will find a mechanic and chainset at Rampur so that once I arrive we do not waste more time. Meanwhile; I will load the bike in a tempo and reach Rampur day after tomorrow.
An interesting point to note here was that if we want to ship our bike back to Rampur, the bike has to be loaded on the tempo at night and the tempo will move early morning. With all these plans in mind we had our dinner and went to bed.

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