Bulls ride to WHITE Spiti

Day 7 – 24th April 2014
The day began with news that we have running water in all guest rooms today. Jamaica has done the unthinkable; don’t know how he managed it but ours was the only guest house in Kaza with running water. The next thing was search for chainset and it began quite early today. We waited endlessly while Jamaica might have tried every kaza number in his phone. We had our breakfast and it was already 11 A.M. still we had no news of getting chainset. Eventually we will have to implement plan 1 , with heavy heart I said bye to Adi and he moved on towards Puh.
Day 7 Route Map

It was a hard decision for both Me and Adi but I guess testing times like these tells you a lot about the character of a person. The decisions and actions taken during such crunch situations make your bonding stronger. kudos to Adi who showed guts of iron to implement Plan 1.Riding alone on that so called road from kaza till Rampur ; an achievement in itself.
While Adi was on his way to reach Puh, I was waiting for evening when the tempo will come and will load Jr.Black Bull. Vikas and Priyanka were going to Pinn Valley in a hired taxi today and asked me to join them. Since, tempo will arrive late in evening I joined them.
Ibex on the way
We moved towards Pinn Valley , the information about the road was little skeptical but we moved on anyways. It was a nice drive in taxi but nothing beats the Dhug dhug sound of my Black bull.
Village view from the Monastery
We crossed some slush sections and reached a place called Kungri which boasts of a big Monastery.
Kungri Monastery
Kungri Monestery
The monastery was a pretty sight with all the snow around. We spent some time at the monastery and moved on.
Kungri Monestery Gate
Kungri Monestery
A closer look at the Monastery
We had only moved some 2-3 kms when we saw a landslide right in the middle of road. It was not a big landslide and seemed like it has come down quite recently. We could not see any vehicles on either side. Motorcycles could cross this section with some difficulty but there was no way for a taxi to cross. This has to be cleared with some machinery. We walked ahead of landslide till the bridge and came back after taking some pictures.
Pinn valley
It was almost 3 P.M when we moved back to the nearby village in hope of getting something to eat. To our surprise there were no open shops.
Pinn river
Our driver somehow managed to take us to a local home where we had one of the most amazing lunch of our lifetime. We sat in the kitchen area of the house and were offered rice and rajma. I must say, the taste was finger licking. All of us ate to the full and thanked the family for having us.
We took few pictures with the family members as well. We moved back to Kaza and reached our guest house by late evening. After an hour or so, the tempo came and it was time for Black Bull to get a ride. Everyone including Jamaica and other guests pitched in with their ideas about how to secure the black bull in the tempo. After an hour of effort, it finally looked like that Black bull is secure and can reach Rampur safely.
In the meantime, I also got the news from Adi that he has reached Puh and checked in the PHW guest house at Puh. I had an un-easy night and kept waiting for morning.

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