Bulls ride to WHITE Spiti

Day 8 – 25th April 2014
The tempo came around 6 A.M and after thanking everyone I moved into the front seat of tempo with a driver and one more guy. I finally thought that the drama is over but I was wrong there were few more surprises in store. As the tempo moved on, I learned that the tempo guy did not have enough diesel to reach Rampur. At Tabo, he bought some diesel from the local shop and as we were about to move the tempo would not start. We wasted some 30 mins figuring out what has gone wrong. Finally the tempo guy called someone who guided him to fix the issue. At last we started again. The tempo guy was in real hurry and despite me asking him to drive slow but he will keep speeding on bumpy roads. I was worried that Black Bull might tilt and fall inside the tempo causing more damage. Eventually he learned his lesson though; Black Bull was tied in the tempo while resting on the center stand and due to bad roads the center stand made holes in the tempo base.
Day 8 Route Map

At Nako we took a small tea break and the tempo guy again bought some diesel; finally this time he got enough to reach Rampur.
Black Bull on an un-usual ride at Nako
Around 4 PM received call from Adi that he has reached Rampur and has found the much needed chainset and a mechanic to install it. This was great news and lifted my mood. A couple of minutes later received call from Vikas that they have reached Rekong Peo and taken a bus till Rampur and will stay there. Adi booked rooms at a hotel in Rampur for all 4 of us and we reached Rampur around 10 PM. Black Bull was unloaded and parked in the hotel parking and we finally had a sigh of relief after 4-5 days. We had dinner around 11 PM and slept peacefully.


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