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What is Palampur Bikers Club?

Palampur Bikers Club is a platform for all to collaborate with like minded people and share their experiences with world. Palampur Bikers Club was started by enthusiast bikers who hail from Palampur town of Himachal Pradesh in India. Biking is an important activity of club but it’s not restricted only to biking activities. Below are some of the key activities Palampur Bikers Club is currently performing or intent to perform.

Collaboration Platform: In this world most of us want to do a lot of things for which we need companions. A lot of our dreams go unrealized because we don’t find the desired companion. Palampur Bikers Club is an initiative to provide a platform for all like minded people to collaborate with each other and pursue their dreams. If you want to go for an adventure tour or have an idea for the betterment of society or want to run an awareness campaign, you need like minded people. People with same interests ; as you ; are available in every part of world. It is possible that they are also looking for companion to pursue their dreams. Palampur Bikers Club is an effort to collaborate like minded people and help in realizing their dreams.

Share what you do: We all do wonderful things in our lives. Some of our experiences or efforts can inspire and help others in some way. Your travel experiences to a certain location or story about a place you know can help other travelers. Similar way if you are doing some efforts or have achieved something which can inspire others, it’s worth to share the story. Palampur Bikers Club provides you the platform for sharing your stories with other PBC members and its followers.

Roaming around: One of the primary activities of Palampur Bikers Club is to visit and explore new places. Palampur Bikers Club organizes Adventure and road trips to different locations. Some time these trips are on bikes , some time on other transport modes and sometimes we just go trekking. Mode of transport does not matter but what matters is your passion to travel and explore.

Travel Information: Palampur Bikers Club members have been traveling to different places from past many years and visiting news places is one of the core activities of club. As we visit new place, we explore everything over and write a travel story and details about the place. Travel stories and details about the destination are then posted into our website so people planning to travel to these locations can benefit from it. The USP of travel information provided by Palampur Bikers Club is that everything is seen and verified by our members.

Trip Planner: To promote Tourism, Palampur Bikers Club provides free trip planning services. If you are thinking of going to a certain place but don’t know all the details or have vacations in mind but don’t know where to go, Palampur Bikers Club is here to help you out. Post a request to us with required details and we shall help you out in everything from planning your trip itinerary to booking etc.

Bringing Happiness: We don’t need to do great thing to be happy in life. Small efforts with good intentions can bring smile in your face as well to the others. Palampur Bikers Club is always in search of new ideas and try to do small things which can bring smile to someone and make a difference.

Connecting people: Connecting people in a community brings happiness and yield results for the betterment of community. Meeting your school time friend after a decade brings smile on your face and if you decide to do something for the betterment of community along with your friends and other members it can yield unbelievable results. Connecting people in communities is one of the primary agenda of Palampur Bikers Club and going forward we have started celebrating Palampur Reunion Day to bring together the people of Palampur who are living in Palampur and outside. Palampur Bikers Club will make efforts to connect people in different locations and sections of society.

Contributing in the betterment of society: Nothing can give more happiness than doing  something for the betterment of environment around you. Following this motto , Palampur Bikers Club members do whatever possible to bring required changes in society. Palampur Bikers Club members initiated the Palampur Clean up drive this year and will continue to spread the same to different areas as well. We also run awareness campaigns to bring awareness among people on issues affecting the society.

5 thoughts on “About Club”

  1. Hi,

    I just have one suggestion to make about the site. If this is Palampur biker’s club then why is Dharamsala kept in the first page (home page where new user lands) and Palampur in the second. Keeping Palampur at first page will give more homely feeling to guys away from the town and also a good publicity to our town (Dharamsala is already famous).

    1. Thank you Abhinav for your suggestion. It’s a good idea to have Palampur in home page and we’ll make some provision to keep it in the home page. Currently we are showing our latest story in the home page and that’s why Dharamshala is in the home page. We haven’t kept Dsala in home page intentionally but it’s there because this is the latest story we have added in website. We add stories in website regularly.

      We’ll surely bring Palampur some where in the home page soon. Keep in touch and thanks again for your valuable feedback.

  2. It’s good initiative with good intentions.
    I hope we can do much more new n better things with collective efforts.

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