Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Palampur Bikers Club?

A. Please see the About Club page for detailed information about Palampur Bikers Club and it’s activities.

Q. Who can be member?

A. Any one from any country who is interested to associate with us can become member of Palampur Bikers Club.

Q. Is membership FREE or PAID?

A. There are two types of memberships. One is FREE and other one is PAID. Please see the Join Club page for details about both the memberships.

Q. Do I need to have bike to be a member of Palampur Bikers Club?

A. No. Any one can be member of Palampur Bikers Club. Having bike is not a per-requisite to be a member of PBC.

Q. I am a female, can I join Palampur Bikers Club?

A. Yes. Female members are most welcome to join. We already have female members in club.

Q. Why do Palampur Bikers Club charge fees from it’s premium members?

A. Fees from premium members is charged to meet the club expenses and carry the various initiativies PBC undertakes.

4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions”

    1. Thnxc alot for the concern… M ready to join PBC for ladakh trip nxt year.. Plzz inform me nxt year… I want to be part of ur club…

  1. Can you recommend me any good bullet mechanic in and near Palampur who can look in to my bullet’s battery. My electric start does not seem working with I switch on with my key and so the horn. Only when I kick it , does the bike starts and the horn too.

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