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We invite you to become the member of Palampur Bikers Club family, join the activities we do and support our initiatives. Palampur Bikers Club offers two type of membership: Basic (Free) Membership and Premium (Paid) membership. Details of both the membership are provided below. For more information about the activities we do please visit “About Club” section of website.

Basic Membership

1.    This membership is FREE.
2.    Members will be informed and invited to join Palampur Bikers Club programs.
3.    Soft copy of Palampur Bikers Club Car and Bike stickers will be emailed to member’s email address provided during registration process.
4.    Members can share their stories and experiences with Palampur Bikers Club. They will be posted in Palampur Bikers Club’s website.
5.    Member will earn points based on the participation in PBC programs and activeness in its website. Based on the points earned, members will be offered discount in PBC products.

Premium Membership

1.    This membership is paid. Members have to pay a joining Fees of Rs 3000 (INR) OR $60.
2.    All benefits of Basic Membership are available to Premium members.
3.    A goodie bag containing Member’s T-Shirt, waterproof Car and Bike stickers will be couriered to member’s address given at the time of registration.
4.    There will be certain programs (travel, meetups, parties, etc) where only premium members will be informed and only they can participate.
5.    Premium members will be offered discount on all PBC products. Rate of discount will depend on the nature of product.
6.    Based on the participation on PBC programs and work done, Premium Member can be elevated and inducted into the core working committee of Palampur Bikers Club.

Currently we are not accepting the membership fees online. We shall contact you regarding how to deposit the membership fees if you opt for Premium membership.

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12 thoughts on “Join Club”

  1. My congrets & wishes to club.Its appreciable to create this kind of club in Palampur.
    I would like to tell my friends with similar likings about the club.

  2. I appreciate efforts taken by you to creat such a nice group. We Government officers from Maharashtra also carried Bike expedition in Himalaya every year from last few years. I like this group and its activities.

  3. Hai PBC, This types of activities is very helpful for our mental strength.Most exciting is your Tag line “Some call it Adventure,we call it Life”

  4. Sir Gdevng.. M ltcol Ankur passi.. Getting posted to Palampur.. Just wanted to get in touch with ppl with same taste buds. Biking is my passion too.. Attended various riders meet in East including hornbill fest nerm 2017.wud love to b part of this elite grp if given an opportunity. Looking forward fr the positive response.

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