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Palampur – Kangra (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Palampur is a hill station situated in the foot hills of Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Palampur is famous for tea gardens and its pleasant climate throughout the year. Because of its proximity to Dhauladhar mountain ranges a lot of water streams flowing from mountains to plains pass through Palampur. Palampur is surrounded by tea gardens, pine trees and water streams, and the combination of all these gives a beautiful and distinctive look to Palampur.

Palampur is at the end of valley merging into the hills so the scenery shows plains on one side and the snow covered hills on the other side. Behind Palampur stands high ranges of Dhauladhar Mountains whose top remain snow-covered for most of the year.

Location Map:


Road Map

What type of travelers should visit?

Family, Honeymoon, Solo, Adventure, Spirtual, Religious, Art Lover, Nature Lover, Health Wellness

Why one must visit Palampur?

  • Palampur and adjoining places offer wide range of interests and amenities to almost all categories of travelers.
  • If you love to see and play with the fresh water flowing from the mountains, Palampur is place for you. A lot of fresh water streams coming from the Dhauladhar Mountains passes through Palampur. The most popular among tourists is Neugal Khad.
  • Popular tourist destination Dharamsala is 35 KMs from Palampur.
  • Not far ago the unexplored and now one of the hot spot tourist destination Barot is 70 KMs from Palampur.
  • World’s highest Para Gliding site Bir Billing is 40 KMs from Palampur. If you love the adventure activities then you can try the gliding at world’s highest take off site.
  • Famous Hindu Temples are at small distance from Palampur. Shiv Temple in Baijnath 15 KMs, Chamunda Devi Temple 17 KMs, Brijeshwari Temple Kangra 40 KMs, Jawalamukhi Temple 70 KMs, Chintpurni Temple 90 KMs.
  • The Capital of Tibetan Government in Exile and the residence of spiritual guru Dalai Lama in McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala is 50 KMs.
  • If you want to have Spiritual, Meditation and Yoga classes, then there are good numbers of options available in Palampur, Dharamsala and Bir Billing.
  • For art loving people, Andretta is the best place to visit. Andretta is a village and artists’ colony. It’s situated 11 KMs from Palampur.
  • For adventure travelers there are several treks going to Dhauladhar mountain ranges. These treks vary from small to longer ones. Some can be completed in a day and others may require weeks’ time.
  • There are some thrilling off-road sections near Palampur for adventure roadies.

Stay and eatery options:

Palampur has all sorts of accommodations available for all travelers.

  • If you want to experience the local culture and food, and want to stay with locals, there are several home stay and resort options available in all budgets. In these accommodation options you will get the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine cooked at home, experience the local culture and the hospitality provided by the property owners.
  • Palampur has all sorts of hotels available from budget to luxury.
  • There are some good restaurants in Palampur. Location of restaurants here is equally important as their food. Some of the restaurants here with open seating arrangements and water stream/lake nearby are more popular among tourists.

Local attractions:

  • Kandi Bridge Bundla
  • Saurabh Van Vihar
  • Neugal Café
  • Jakhani Mata Temple
  • Old Vindhyavasni Temple
  • Trek To Birni Mata Temple
  • Village of Andretta
  • Dhauladhar Nature Park


Palampur remains pleasant from March to April (14-19 degree Centigrade) and gradually becomes moderately hot during May-June ( 24-25 degree Centigrade). Monsoon arrives by mid July and usually lasts upto September. Nearly 65% of the annual rainfall (250 cm) occurs during these three months. October marks the beginning of Autumn and weather remains sunny, cool and fresh till November (15-19 degree Centigrade). Winter sets in from December and lasts upto February (10-12 degree Centigrade)

For current weather conditions you can also refer to


How to reach Palampur:

Palampur is well connected by all means of travel. It’s situated in Pathankot – Mandi National Highway.

By Air: The closest airport to Palampur is Dharamshala airport (known as Gaggal). Dharamsala airport is 40 KMs from Palampur and there are direct flights from Delhi to Gaggal. Please be advised that in winters and rainy season Delhi – Gaggal flights are often canceled at the last minute due to weather and other issues. It will be better to have an alternative plan ready just in case this happens.

By Train:
There are 2 options if you prefer trains:
1-Train from Delhi to Pathankot/ Chakki Bank and then bus/taxi to Palampur (5-6 hrs)
2-Train from Delhi to Pathankot/ Chakki Bank and then narrow gauge train onwards to Palampur. Delhi – Pathankot (550 kms , 10 hrs) + Pathankot – Palampur (110 kms , 6-7 hrs)

By Bus: Delhi to Palampur is about 10-12 hours journey. Daily Volvo and other bus services by Himachal Roadways are available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Palampur. Day and night both services are available but people prefer to overnight.

From Dharamshala: There are buses between Dharamshala to Palampur on regular intervals. Usually it takes 1-2 hours from Dharamshala to Palampur on bus.

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Palampur Bikers Club Installed Dustbins around Saurav Van Vihar

Taking forward the clean Palampur initiative launched last year, Palampur Bikers Club in association with Spaces Home Decor installed dustbins in Palampur. These dustdins are placed at the road side between Saurav Van Vihar and Awarna village. PBC members have done the cleanup drive in this area several time before and taking a step ahead, this time PBC members decided to install dustbins in this area and also pledged to take the responsibility of keeping this area clean and maintained. Participants from Delhi, who were on visit to Palampur for Multi Activity Program organized by Palampur Bikers Club during 2nd April to 5th April also contributed in the activity along with PBC members. The participants were mesmerized by the beauty of the surrounding areas around Palampur and appreciated the efforts by PBC members to keep the area clean. The visiting participants have also shown interest in other social initiatives started by PBC.

The area where dust bins are installed is most popular among tourists who visit Palampur but because it lies outside the municipality limits; hence there is no mechanism to clean the garbage. Garbage once thrown here always remain there. Due to frequent tourist activity ; over a period of time , a lot of garbage mostly chips wrappers and plastic bottles remain scattered all along the road side. In order to save the beauty of this place and keep it clean and maintained , PBC members have chosen this place for clean-up drive. We thank our members and all those who contributed in the process of accomplishing this task.

Special thanks to:

1. Spaces Home Decor and Aditya Pandit for funding the dustbins
2. Public Welfare Department (PWD) Palampur for arranging the old used tar coal drums which were used for creating the dust bins.
3. Neugal Arts painter who worked till mid night to finish the painting work.
4. Welder near to old Sabzi Mandi Palampur who transformed the old, damaged tar coal drums of no use to robust useful dustbins.
5. All club members and friends for contributing in days and nights for various assigned tasks.

It couldn’t have been possible without the support of all above.

Thanks again to each one of you for your support and love.

Pictures of drive:

Palampur Bikers Club Dustbins Installation

Palampur Bikers Club Dustbins Installation

Palampur Bikers Club Dustbins Installation

Palampur Bikers Club Dustbins Installation

Palampur Bikers Club Dustbins Installation

Palampur Bikers Club Dustbins Installation

Palampur Bikers Club Dustbins Installation

Palampur Reunion Day – 2014

Palampur Celebrated it’s first Reunion Day on 24th Oct 2014. Palampur Reunion Day is an initiative by Palampur Bikers Club to bring together people living in Palampur and outside in different cities. Many people from Palampur and nearby places live in different cities to earn their living but come to their hometown to celebrate Diwali with family. Palampur Bikers Club hence decided to mark the day after Diwali as Palampur Reunion Day to celebrate and enjoy togetherness with friends and family.

The Day started with people taking the morning walk near Saurabh Van Vihar. People from nearby places also joined in the reunion walk. After the morning walk, members cleaned the nearby area to contribute for ‘Swatch Bharat Mission’. This morning event was organized between 6 AM to 11 AM.

The evening was enhanced with a cultural program organized at Saurabh Van Vihar. Palampur Bikers Club in association with music band SOULSTERS performed live songs to mesmerize the audience gathered for reunion. It was first of it’s kind program organized at Palampur and attendees showed great excitement. We thank members of band SOULSTERS for their soulful performance.