Amritsar – Wagah Border (India)

Amritsar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Information about Amritsar is spread all over in Internet but we thought of putting up our views in our words. Amritsar is mainly popular because of the Golden Temple (holiest place of Sikh Religion) but there also have a lot of other attractions and historical monuments which bring different type of tourists to this city. Some of the main attractions of Amritsar and nearby areas are

Golden Temple: Golden Temple in Amritsar is the holiest place of Sikh religion. People from all over places come to Amritsar to visit Golden Temple. Upper half of the temple is covered by gold which gives it a distinctive look and also because of that it’s called the Golden Temple. Visitors can visit the temple any time but ‘Kirtan’ at early in morning and the Palki Sahib Ceremony, which takes place twice a day are the best times to visit the temple. Palki Sahib Ceremony takes place once when Guru Granth Sahib is carried to a room for night stay and when Guru Granth Sahib is taken back to the temple.
If you are visiting the Golden Temple then you must not miss the Langar (Prasad – Food offered to visitors in temple). For stay options in Amritsar also the accommodations provided in Gurudrawas are the best.

Jallianwala Bagh: Situated just opposite the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh is a place where thousands of people were shot down by the then British Government ruling in India. Thousands of people, who were gathered in Jallianwala Bagh on the ocassion of traditional festival Baisakhi were killed mercilessly without giving them any chance to escape. Inside Jallianwala Bagh visitors can see:
Memorial built in memory of martyrs of Jallianwala Bagh massacre
Bullet marks still remain on the walls and adjoining buildings. Bullet marks on walls are quite wide and deep, and gives the sense of impact by bullet hit on the walls.
The well to which many people jumped and drowned attempting to save themselves from the bullets is also a monument inside the park.
There is also a museum inside the park where identify and portraits of some the martyrs are kept.

Wagah Border: Wagah is India – Pakistan border 32 KMs from Amritsar city. Indian and Pakistani security forces conduct the flag ceremony every evening on the Wagah Border. This event is most popular among visitors to Amritsar. People from different parts of country visit Amritsar primarily to see the ceremony and to have the glimpse of other side of border. Visitors from both side feels the true patriotism during the ceremony and sought slogans in favor of their country and security forces. It’s a must attend event once for everyone.

Amritsari Cuisines: Amritsar is popular for its food. Amritsari Kulche, Amritsari Lassi and Amritsari Fish are the most popular ones. Amritsar is one of the best places for foodies. So, if you are a food lover then you must visit Amritsar to enjoy the pure and perfect foods.

Shopping: Amritsar is also popular for shopping among visitors. Ladies suits and dupatas, Amritsari Jutti (shoe), Amritsari Badi, Swords and dry fruits are popular. Good stuff is available in reasonable rates. So don’t much afraid of shopping here in Amritsar 🙂

Route Map:

What type of travelers visit Amritsar?

Family, Groups, Religious, Foodies

 Stay and eatery options:

There are several hotels in Amritsar of all segments but if you are visiting Amritsar to visit the Golden Temple you must try staying in Gurudwaras. It’s a different and unique experience.

Amritsar is popular for its cuisines and offers variety of options. Some people visit Amritsar primarily to enjoy the food here. Amritsari Kulche, Amritsari Lassi and Amritsari Fish are some of the popular items here. When you enjoy the Amritsar specialties don’t forget to eat atleast once in Golden Temple Langar (Prasad – Food offered to visitors in temple). Langar in Golden Temple is just awesome.


Throughout the year Amritsar has extreme weather. In summer it’s hottest in north India and in winter it’s coldest. But the extreme weather doesn’t discourage tourists from visiting Amritsar. The extreme weather adds more spice to the yummy food options here.

How to reach Amritsar:

Amritsar is well connected by all means of transport. Frequent flight, trains and buses everything is here. But the best option we find to go by Amritsar Stabadi train if you coming from Delhi side. This train starts around 7 in the morning and reaches Amritsar in afternoon. On return journey to Delhi it is starts at around 4 PM from Amritsar and reach the destination just before 11 PM.


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