Narkanda – Shimla (Himachal Pradesh, India)

Narkanda is a beautiful and isolated place in Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at an altitude of 8600 feet and surrounded by Shivalik Ranges that span a large part of Himachal Pradesh. It is about 65 KMs from Shimla on Hindustan Tibet Road. It connects Shimla with Rampur and is the highest point in this connection. The popular Apple belt of Himachal Pradesh is connected to Narkanda and Kotgarh the place famous for Apple orchards is just 16 KMs from here.

Narkanda is perhaps the coldest and easy to reach place in Himachal Pradesh. Because of its proximity to Shimla and located on the National Highway, visitors can easily reach here. In the peak summers of June also you need to wear the jackets in Narkanda. When someone ask me for a coldest and isolated place away from crowded tourists places and which is easily accessible from Delhi I suggest Narkanda without any doubt.

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What kind of travelers can visit Narkanda?
Family, Honeymoon, Solo, Adventure, Nature Lover, Summer Vacations

Why one must visit Narkanda?

  • Narkanda is one of the most beautiful and coldest places in Himachal Pradesh which is also easily accessible from Delhi and Chandigarh.
  • The popular Apple belt of Himachal Pradesh is connected to Narkanda and Kotgarh the place famous for Apple orchards is just 16 KMs from here.
  • When the summers in plain are at peak and you want to visit a place which can give you some relief Narkanda is the place for you. But don’t forget to carry the Sweaters or Jackets even in the peak summers of June. You may need those here 🙂
  • You can spot snow at high peaks around Narkanda on even the hottest day of year.
  • Hatu Peak which is at an altitude of 11000 ft is 5 km from Narkanda.
  • Narkanda is surrounded by Pine tree forests and a beautiful lake Tanujabbar is located 15 LMs from here.
  • One can comfortably plan visiting Narkanda over an extended weekend.
  • It’s situated just 65 KMs from Shimla and distance can be traveled easily within 2-3 hours.

Stay and eatery options:

Accommodation options are very limited in Narkanda. Accommodations of all sorts from budget to luxury are available but in very limited number. So please make sure you have advance booking before proceeding to Narkanda.

You won’t find many restaurants, bars etc in market. You may need to rely on the options available in your hotel/resort. Couple of small Dhabas is there in market who serves the local food.

Local attractions:

  • Hatu Peak
  • Apple orchards
  • Tanujabbar Lake
  • Pine tree forests


Narkanda remains pleasant during summer. Summer months at Narkanda are April, May and June. The maximum temperature during summer is 30 degree Centigrade and minimum is 10 degree Centigrade. This is the best time to visit Narkanda.

Narkanda experiences the rainy season during the months of July, August and September.

Winters at Narkanda are very cold. Winter months at Narkanda are from October to Feburary. The maximum temperature during summer is 15 degree Centigrade and minimum is -10 degree Centigrade.

For Current weather conditions you can check the below link

How to reach Narkanda:

Narkanda is well connected by all means of travel. It’s situated 65 KMs from Shimla on Hindustan Tibet Road..

By Bus: Delhi to Shimla is about 8 hours journey. Daily Volvo and other bus services by Himachal Roadways are available from ISBT Kashmiri Gate to Shimla. After reaching Shimla you can take a TAXI or bus going towards Rampur.

By Train: You can come up to Kalka in Shatabdi train and then take the popular Kalka Shimla toy train. From Shimla you take a TAXI or bus going towards Rampur.

By Air: Nearest Airport is at Jabarhatti, 22 kilometres from Shimla. You can then hire a taxi to reach Narkanda from here.

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