The Dream of Ladakh Realized

Day 7

I am a long time jogging freak but for last seven days, since we started our journey could not get chance to jog. We had no hectic travel plans for today, so thought of utilizing the time to do some jogging. The atmosphere and the place were perfect for jogging. The only concern was the height of place. Pangong TSO is situated at the height of 4250 mtrs from sea level. It’s suggested not to walk much at this level of height from sea level as the density of oxygen would be very less but I thought of taking the chance. I got up in the morning at 5.30, took my camera and went out for the jogging. I managed to run for 3 KMs without much difficulty (in usual conditions I can easily run 10 KMs). When I finished the jogging my friends were also at the lake side and we did the photography for next couple of hours. Early morning experience at the Lake was amazing. It was calm and we were the only one near the Lake. Lake and mountains surrounding were changing the colors in every 5 minutes.

After spending a couple of hours at Lake Side we went back to the camp, had the breakfast and then started back towards Leh. We took a couple of breaks in between and reached Leh in the afternoon. Had the lunch there and took some rest in the camp at Leh. In the evening we visited the Leh Palace and roamed around the market. Today is our last day at Leh so there was a plan for small party at Army Mess. We enjoyed the evening at Army Mess and thanked the Army Buddies for making our stay at Leh memorable. Staying with the Army at Leh made our trip much more memorable.

Tomorrow we’ll start our return journey via Manali. We have come from Srinagar side and that road was overall good. We heard people discussing in Leh that Manali road is in very bad condition and at some places almost no road is there. Leh – Manali road is also known as one of the dangerous but most beautiful roads. Curiosity of the return journey is there, let’s see how it goes.

Distance Traveled on Day 7:

Pangong TSO to Leh: 170 KMs

Agenda for tomorrow is to start the return journey via Manali. Tomorrows night halt will be at Sarchu, in Himachal Pradesh. Distance to Sarch from Leh is 260 KMs.

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