Khaliya Top – Munsyari (Uttrakhand , India)

Day 2 and how we reach Munsyari on next page.

Day-2 – 6th April-2012

Binsar – Bageshwar – Chakori – Udyari Bend – Thal – Tejam – Munsyari (215 kms)

 We reached the Binsar WLS gate after an 1hr of drive thru beautiful drive thru the Binsar WLS.We took a right here and continued towards Bageshwar.It’s a steady decent but road is quite good.Nothing much just a pleasing drive thru the hills.After some time we stopped for a water break at a nice location.The place was apt for a concert – a rock concert in middle of nowhere.Another talent of Mohit and Shobhit – both play guitar and should I say quite good ; naaaaa they play awesome.So we had a concert going on for about half an hour when we realized the Munsyari is still far and we would get late.

The Rockstars – 3A


So rock concert was postponed for the time being and off we went towards Bageshwar.Our initial plan was to have longish halt at Bageshwar but did not found anything interesting here so continued.My Kodak cells for the camera were gone as they were not charging so we went hunting for rechargeable cells in Bageshwar.Fortunately we found one shop who suggested one particular brand of cells which was not very well known with us ; the price was 700 for 4 cells.We inserted the cells in camera and took his photo , also told him that these cells better work or we have his photo and will come back to haunt him in his dreams.We all had a good laugh at this.

Chakori KMVN 1-Chakori


We continued towards Chakori and there was no sign of road bad roads ,which was good.It was almost lunch time when we reached Chakori.Our plan on the return journey was to either stay at Patal bhuvneshwar Or at Chakori.So we went in to see howzz the place , took some pics and continued our journey.After about 2-3 kms we reaced a place called Udyari Bend.Here the road bifurcates one goes to Thal – munsyari the other one goes to Berinag – Patal Bhuvneshawar.This is also a place whre there are few dhabas.We had lunch in one of the dhabas.As usual food was tasty and the guy served one of the thinnest and softest tandoori roti we ever had.Food was great and so was the bill Rs.120 for 3 – amazing.

After lunch we began our journey towards Thal but soon stopped at this wonderful place , which had mustard fields and nice road.We spent some time soaking the scenes around.

Udyari Bend – Thal Road – 2-udyari bend


Udyari bend to thal is again a steep decent.At Thal we gave lift to one of the local guy had missed the last bust to his nearby vilage.It turned out that his village was 14kms away and he was going on foot.Felt nice that we could help him in getting him to his destination.We dropped him at his village , cant remember the name of the village now.We continued and we were running almost along the river bed here from Thal to Kveeti.At kveti we stopped for a tea break where we found station – A Police station , rather a different one then what we usually see.

 Kveti Police station- 3-police


It was almost 1400 hrs when we started our last ascend to Munsyari which was still 55kms away.We started gaining height and the scenery changed for good.In the mean time , up above , the rain gods were preparing for another thundering evening.We continued and stoped many times to get good snaps along the way.Spotted birthi falls from far – far away.

 Birthi falls4-Birthi Falls


The last ascend to Kalamuni pass is quite a road.A jalebi road what I would call it.A narrow twisting road , goes from one direction and then turns around and goes in the other.

The Jalebi road to Kalamuni pass-5-Jalebi-Road


 Munsyari Valley View6-munsyari-valley-view


At 1645 hrs were at Kalamuni pass.The board on Kalamuni top say 2700 mtrs while GPS shows it was 2715 mtrs. Anyways , after spending some time there we hurried back to continue our journey to wards Munsyari which was now 15 kms away.

Kalamuni to Munsyari road –7-view with car


Solaris going down and rain gods in full mood8-Solaris-Rays


The rain gods were also approaching fast as Solaris was going to bed.We reached Pandey lodge in Munsyari @ 1800 hrs. As we stepped out of the car , the rain gods came down in full glory to greet us.We met pandey ji , the hotel owner , who then showed us our room.We got 1+1 room as we were 3 guys at the price of one room i.e Rs.500 only.We settled down in the room and then discussion continued with pandey ji about howzz the road and weather here and it continued for quite some time.He also called up Ganga Ram , who will accompany us to Khaliya Top tomorrow for discussion with us.After we ordered snacks and our non-veg dinner , Ganga ram arrived. Mohit sat with Ganga ram to plan out the next day and what all things we need to carry and what not.Mohit is also a good negotiator and this kind off stuff he handles very well ; so I just roamed around.After about 30 mins of discussions he struck up the real in Rs.2000.Which included our sleeping bags and utensils that we will take ; and we will have to buy the rashan which we want to take.Hmmm pretty , good fair enough.

Munsyari Milestone18-munsyari-milestone


While all this was going on , the rain gods were again in full mood and they continued for quite some time. At least this gave us hope that tomorrow morning we will have clear views of the famous Panchuli peaks.Ok , so the time was right , rain gods were singing , so it was perfect time to continue the rock concert once again.Shobhit started with his favourite “Jo bhi mein – from Rockstar and then “Dooba Dooba – Mohit Chouhan and then Raat Chandani – lucky Ali and went on and on.We had a wondefull time singing with him.Had our dinner around 2200 hrs and slept in hope that we will get nice views tomorrow morning.

I woke up around 0545 and immediately looked out to check the weather.Voila – we have struck a cord or two with rain gods yesterday.

Good Morning Munsyari 9-p1


The weather was clear and Solaris was yet to arrive.I called Shobhit and Mohit out to witness the Solaris magic on Panchulli peaks.

Countdown for Solaris to arrive begins11-p3


And here comes Solaris from behind Panchulli peaks12-p4


Lets have a song on guitar at this magical sunrise13-p5


A closer look at the peak17-closer-2


Solaris was rising and we were singing for him this time.Soon everyone staying in the pandey lodge was there to witness the Solars rise.After spending some time at pandey lodge terrace and enjoying hot tea there , we went out for a small walk around the town.Ganga ram was supposed to come at 1100 hrs so we roamed around and had breakfast.Ganga ram came and we did some rashon shopping with him , took the necessary things including sleeping bags and we were off to Khaliya Top.We started our trek aroung 1300 hrs and the rain gods were building again……

 Trek Begins22-Trek starts


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