Lush green grass, deep blue sky, floating clouds covering the hills and the scenic beauty you can find only in wallpapers is how I would describe KheerGanga. It is approximately 50km from Kasol (Himachal Pradesh). It is believed that this is the place where ‘Kartik Ji’, the elder son of ‘Lord Shiva’ meditated thousands of years. On the hill top there is hot water spring water which is considered to be holy and the village is named KheerGanga after it.
Trek to KheerGanga starts from Bharsaini; a quiet little village on the banks of Parvati river. You can take a cab up to Bharsaini from Kasol/Manikaran and after that you got to trouble and unease your legs a little to reach this beautiful site.


Kheer Ganga Views


Reaching Bharsaini

You can easily book cabs from kasol to Bharsaini, the distance is approximately 40km. It is around one and half hours to two hours’ drive from Kasol. Fare estimate is between 900-1100 bucks. Or you can board a local bus from Bhuntar up to Bharsaini. From Bhuntar, it takes an hour and the fare is less than 100 bucks. In case you are coming from Delhi, a 14/15 hours journey and then trailing a 12km strenuous trek is not a prudent option. It is better that you relax and explore kasol the first day and leave for Bharsaini the next day.


Kasol View

It takes 4-6 hours to complete the one way trek, so try to start early in the morning so that you reach kheer Ganga before sun down and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place and dip yourself in the hot water spring.

Eat @ Kasol


Once you reach Bharsaini, you will see lot of backpackers strolling there and crossing the bridge. In case you are a novice, you may follow any of the groups or you can hire a guide. I would suggest that you walk by your own and follow any of the groups thereafter because there is nothing like ‘you will get lost’ there. So; come on, let’s walk and see what adventure lies ahead!

View from Bharsaini

Bharsaini Village

The Trek
Let’s workout now! The first 6/7 kms of the trek up to Rudranag village is plain walk with no problems as such. You will start thinking that this is going to be like walk in the park. But wait, the first half is comparatively easy then what’s coming your way next!

Parvati Stream

Parvati Stream















You will see lot of greenery all along your trek and cannabis (Marijuana) bushes growing anywhere and just everywhere.

Cannabis Leaf

Cannabis Leaf

You will see lot of refreshment points till Rudranag village. You can sip tea/coffee and enjoy Maggi and chew on your favorite chocolates while you sit and relax there. After about 4 kms you pass thur village Nithani. Typical Himalayan houses can be found here with few shops to catering to trekkers.

Nithani Village

Nithani Village

Also, on your trek, you will come across lot of bridges and waterfalls. Entire trek is along the Parvati river which has a thunderous noise of its tremendous flow.  This trek is so much fun and adventure. You are going to love every bit of it!

Rudranag Village

Rudrnaag Village Waterfall

Waterfalls on the way to Kheer Ganga

Waterfall Kheer Ganga















Scenic Views On your Trek

Scenic Views on kheer ganga trek


After Rudrnag as you cross the Parvati river the trek suddenly shows its true nature. The path becomes narrow and steep; rocky hills on your right and gushing parvati river on your left. It becomes even more challenging if you happen to visit during monsoons or if it rains. It gets slippery and full of gushing water streams at every corner. All lunges and squats you have done in gym going to pay you well right here.

KheerGanga Trail

Kheer Ganga Trail















I visited in monsoon and it was drizzling while I was on my way to kheerGanga. The path was all wet, muddy and slippery. But then even when it is not raining, this place has so many waterfalls which keep the track muddy and slippery. Make sure you have good quality trekking shoes so that you don’t slip stepping on mud and mule dung.

At any point where you feel you are running out of breath and it’s enough of climbing, you can always halt for a minute or two, sip some water, take selfies, ease your legs and start again.

Nice Trail with few shops

KheerGanga Trail
Greenery, river, clouds, hills, trust me it’s not that difficult to walk along with the nature. Keep your backpacks as light as possible. Keep only the mandatory items like, a spare set of garments that you will wear next morning, a towel, toiletries (pouches) and a water bottle, that’s all. Hey ladies, no matching footwear please!

The View around

KheerGanga Views

Finally, when you reach the hill top; there lies a treat for your eyes. After all the struggle finishing the trek, the tranquility welcomes you. This picturesque beauty will delight your eyes and soul. The trek, your workout, your creaky calves and achy legs are all worth it!

















You can sit or lie down on the grass and rest for some time. After that, go for the hot water spring on the top and immerse your body in the holy water.

Hot Water Springs

A separate, women only, covered section is created in hot water spring as well. Trust me; it is so relieving that you will not feel like coming out.

Kheer Ganga view with Hot water springs

Kheerganga springs

The pool closes around 8pm, so make sure that you reach on time and don’t miss the bath in hot spring.

Shiva Temple KheerGanga

Shiva Temple KheerGanga

Staying at Kheer Ganga is not a problem at all. You have umpteen options to choose from tents/camps you would wish to stay. Fare estimate is between 150-500 Bucks. There are 3-4 Refreshment points as well, where you can take your meals. The rates are reasonable.

One of the Eating Option

KheerGanga eating option

So you can dine and stay in KheerGanga and leave for kasol the next morning after having your breakfast. Walking downhill is comparatively easy and you can reach Bharsaini in 3-4 hours.

One of the Stay options

KheerGanga Stay options

Happy Hiking!

Written By: Amrita Singh
About The Author: Techie by profession in a multinational company; the author is nature lover and crazy about dogs. She loves to explore new places and finds adventure in everything she does. Expect the UN-expected from this soul searching creature.


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